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SWS STATEWIDE SURERTY ,INC. is an insurance company with the focus of Bail Bonds. For many years SWS is known for making great bail agents rather they are experienced or new to the industry. SWS helps people get licensed, SWS help new agents paper and we also help new agents with branding and marketing. Its SIMPLE – SWS is MAKING IT EASY TO WRITE BAIL!

TXLABBG & LABBG is now SWS STATEWIDE SURETY, and we are powered by PALMETTO. One word, GREATNESS!

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SWS focused exclusively on the commercial bail surety market. SWS serving the underwriting needs of professional bail agents. Our goal is to provide superlative support and service to our bail agencies. We strive to be the independent bail agent’s partner of choice, offering innovative, industry-leading solutions and our industry-specific knowlege to each bail agent.

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